School Info

We have had a very good start to what I know will be a successful year for your child.  Our school has experienced increased enrollment which is very positive and we are making adjustments to meet this challenge.  Our district is very supportive and we have added key personnel to support middle school staff and students.We continue to use achievement data to inform our instructional decisions and I encourage you to ask questions during your child’s conference.  There are many opportunities for students to receive additional support with specific content objectives and our school continues to work on Daily Math Skills as one example of intervention grades 5-8. Our first week of intersession will target students who need additional instruction using a benchmark assessment.  We also work on enrichment activities to meet the diverse talents of our students. We look forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher conferences September 24-25.   We will have several computers and support available to you to learn more about your use of Power School and to take a parent survey.  I hope to increase school communications by using Power School emails this next quarter and sharing information such as our Dress Code Fashion Show and our Lockdown Drill practice.  In addition, we will be seeking parents who would like to join the Benson Parent-Teacher Organization and collaborate on school functions.