Benson Middle School Sports
Game On!
Posted on 10/01/2012

Written by Mr. Bilodeau's Photojournalism Class
There are a total of eight sports at Benson Middle School that students can participate in. This includes volleyball, cross country, softball, boys’ basketball, wrestling, girls’ basketball, baseball and track. The coaches for each sport are Penny Ahrens for volleyball and girls’ basketball.  Richard "Yogi" Wilson coaches boys’ basketball. Brandy Teso coaches track. Softball and wrestling are coached by Mike Sherman. Deann Elsmore coaches cross country and Dave Harbin coaches baseball. Students sign up for try outs and are then selected based on skills and attitude by the coaches to be a part of the team. All students that participate in any of these sports are required to have a completed sports packet and a physical; the forms can be found in the Benson Middle School office.


“It’s a team sport and serving is important. You want to get the ball over the net in three hits. The girls have to work together to win.” ~ Penny Ahrens, Head Volleyball Coach

We asked Coach Ahrens a few questions, and here is what she said.

Q: How do you like coaching volleyball?

A: I love coaching volleyball. My favorite part is probably to see the kids improve, and learning how to be team players.

Q: If you had a choice to coach another sport instead of volleyball, would you? What sport would it be?

A: I also coach girls’ basketball. I wouldn’t coach anything else. I enjoy softball, but I would much rather coach volleyball and girls’ basketball.

Girls’ basketball

“It’s a fast paced game, it’s aggressive, a team sport. You have to get the ball in the hoop, obviously.” ~ Penny Ahrens, Head Girls’ Basketball Coach

We asked Coach Ahrens a few questions, and here is what she said.

Q: How do you like coaching basketball?

A: I LOVE coaching basketball. It’s my favorite sport to coach. It’s definitely more difficult.

Q: If you had a choice between coaching basketball, or another sport, would you choose basketball?

A: Definitely yes.


“Softball is competitive, rewarding, and fun.” ~ Mike Sherman, Head Softball Coach

We asked Coach Sherman a few questions, and this is what he said:

Q: How do you like coaching softball?

A: I love coaching softball.

Q: If you had a choice to coach another sport, what would you choose?

A: I would like to coach fly fishing.


“Wrestling is challenging.” ~ Mike Sherman, Head Wrestling Coach

We asked Mr. Sherman some more questions:

Q: How do you like coaching wrestling?

A: I love to coach wrestling.

Q: If you had to choose another sport to coach, what would it be?

A: I would stick with fly fishing.

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