Food Drive Fun
Students collect, compete and create for community service
Posted on 11/21/2011
Written by Emily Rosengarten, Mr. Bilodeau's Photojournalism Class
 Food Drive Masterpiece
On Monday, November 21, 2011, Benson Middle School concluded their food drive. After collecting more than 1,200 cans or boxes of food, five students, Maria Galloway-Sprietsma, Samantha Fortner, Zackary Wiegand, Sonnie Stevens, and Emily Rosengarten, took most of the food and made an “Above the Influence” sign.  Taking almost two hours to complete and disassemble, the “sculpture” was made using over 500 cans and about 200 packets of Ramen Noodles and other assorted nonperishable food items. The following day the food was taken to the local food shelter, just in time for Thanksgiving. Each class was competing against the other classes in their grade level for an ice cream party. In the end Mr. Wagner’s homeroom class won the competition with a very close second in Mr. Brian Clark’s class. The food drive started the 7th of November, and ended on the 21st.

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