Enrichment Classes at Benson Middle School
Express yourself...creativity abounds at BMS
Posted on 05/23/2012
Enrichment Classes


Out of all of the enrichment classes at Benson Middle School, Mrs. Rigel’s enrichment class probably has the most excitement…and DRAMA!  Participants keep busy by making masks, performing puppet shows, and dressing up! This class is right for you if you love theater and acting. You’ll never get bored with so many things to do including playing a number of entertaining games. These include: Whoosh, Bop, Zip Zap Zop, Monster, Yes, Little Sally Walker, Irish Dools and much, much, much more!

We interviewed Ms. Rigel, and here’s what she said:

Q: “What is your favorite thing to do in this class?”

A: “…Is to play Woosh and Bop.”

Q: “Do you enjoy this class?”

A: “Yes, it is my favorite one.”

Q: “If you could add one thing to this class, what would it be?”

A: “Theater field-trips.”

Join this class for lots of fun, learning, and of course DRAMA!!!

Click here to see photos from Ms. Rigel’s Drama Enrichment Class


Are you a creative photographer and love writing? Well, then this class is for you!!! In Mr. Bilodeau’s photojournalism class you will have the opportunity to explore and take pictures of a theme (nature, colors, flowers, etc.) and present them in a PowerPoint. Students who have been enrolled in the class for all four quarters are writing actual photojournalism articles on different events and classes going on at school, for example: enrichment classes, sports and the construction projects. Photojournalism is an excellent class if you want to succeed in expressing your ideas in photos and writing.

We interviewed Mr. Bilodeau, and here’s what he said:

        Q: “What is your favorite part in this class?”

        A: “…The opportunities for photographing.”

        Q: “Do you like photography?”

        A: “I enjoy photography.”

        Q: “Do you think the length of this class is long enough?”

        A: “Yes.”

Join this class for loads of fun and creativity!

Click here view student and class projects.