Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


1.      What sports does BMS offer and when are they offered?

a.       All BMS sports follow the academic quarterly calendar.

                                                              i.      All Year Sport- Knowledge Bowl/Academic Team

                                                            ii.      Quarter 1, July- Oct,  Girls Volleyball, Coed Cross Country

                                                          iii.      Quarter 2 Oct-Dec, Boys Basketball, Girls Softball

                                                          iv.      Quarter 3, Jan-Mar, Girls Basketball, Wrestling

                                                            v.      Quarter 4, Mar-May, Boys Baseball, Coed Track and Field

b.      BMS does not offer Cheer or Football. These are provided by leagues in the Benson Community.


2.      When can I expect sign ups/tryouts/practice to start?

a.       Signups/tryouts/practice for Quarter 1 will fall in the first two weeks of school.

                                                              i.      Quarter 2,3,& 4 signups will take place the week before intersession break. Tryouts and practice may begin when the previous season has ended. Example: Quarter 2 sports will sign up the week before fall break. They may tryout the same week or the Monday back from break. Due to rules in the CAC league we may only start a sport once the previous sport has concluded. If a team makes it to the championships its extends the season a week. We may not start the next quarter sport until the championship is played. This creates a tight and fast paced transition. It’s important for athletes to be observant of announcements and bulletins regarding sports at the end and start of each quarter.


3.      When are sports packets/paperwork due?

a.       Paperwork is due by the start of tryouts.

b.      The AD will set due dates and it is the parent and athletes responsibility to ensure they have all the necessary requirements and paperwork on file.


4.      What if paperwork/physical is late?

a.       All requirements must be met and on file before the athlete may participate.

b.      The Athlete must be cleared and insured to play. No exceptions.


5.      How do I turn in paperwork or physicals?

a.       Email or

b.      Drop paperwork off in the office.


6.      What paperwork/requirements must my athlete have to participate?

a.       Click here to be directed to the BMS website outlining the documents needed to be completed before participation.

b.      Visit or call the BMS office or Athletic Department


7.      What equipment should my athlete bring to tryouts or first day practice?

a.       Athletes should wear attire in alignment with their sport. Activity and participation starts on day one. Wear shoes appropriate to the sport the athlete is trying out for. Bring water. Bring gloves, shoes, pads or any equipment necessary for the sport.

b.      After the first day the coach will communicate what athletes need.


8.      How are tryouts/practices/start of seasons communicated?

a.       Daily announcements/ PowerSchool daily bulletin.

b.      Signs posted in office bulletin board/locker rooms.

c.       Announcements at assemblies and lunch.

d.      Information sheets sent home prior to sign ups/tryouts.

9.  When is practice for my athlete?

a.       Practice is communicated by the coach to the athletes. Typically practice is 3:00 PM-5:30 PM  Monday-Friday

b.      Coaches may deviate from the typical 3:00-5:30 time to accommodate their needs.


10.  Where do athletes meet at the end of the school day?

a.       Coaches will meet on the first day at the Middle School locker rooms. After the first day, coaches will advise where athletes are to report.


11.  Where can I find information on sports seasons?

a.       The BMS website under athletics/activities.

b.      Click Here


12.  Is the sports paperwork and physical good for the whole school year?

a.       Yes one packet covers the athlete for the academic year.

b.      Physical must be dated after March 1st and is good for the following school year in which the physical is dated.


13.  When are sports physicals offered by the school?

a.       Each year in March/April.


14.  Where can I find the sports schedules?

a.       BMS office.

b.      The Benson District Website- Events Calendar

c.       BMS website.

d.      Coaches.


15.  If I have a compliment or concern who do I call/email?

a.       All compliments or complaints should be addressed with the coach first at an appropriate time. Be courteous of coaches and do not discuss complaints during game play or after a game. Please wait to address the coach at an appropriate time.


16.  Can my child ride a bus home from practice?

a.       Yes. Visit the district website for route information. The bus departs the loading zone on Patagonia Street at 5:30 PM.


17.  Is there practice on early release days?

a.       Yes and NO

b.      Depending on the coach. Our district offers professional development for our staff on early release days. If the coach is a district teacher or employee they must attend the professional development. Some coaches are not employees therefore not mandated to attend the professional development. Non-Employee coaches may choose to practice their teams. Coaches will communicate to their athletes if there is early release practice and at what times. If you do not know if there is practice simply call BMS at 520 720 6800.